Self Service Shipping Software

With this solution your organization wide shipping is centralized, automated and provided as a self service application to the employees. This can make this function more efficient and does not need to involve your core shipping personnel, except for exceptions like international shipping, hazmat shipments etc.
This oracle self service shipping application has the detail of the shipment spend by employee, department/project and cost center. This information can be used during the month end for the right allocation of all the shipment costs by costcenter, department or project in your general ledger.

Oracle Departmental Shipping Solutions

Multi-Carrier Shipping

ShipConsole supports all major parcel carriers UPS. FedEx, DHL, TNT, USPS, and more

All standard TMS features

address books, address validation, rate shopping, label generation etc

Self service shipping

Enable your employees to do self service shipping without waiting for your core shipment personnel. Have approval cycles enabled by price or shipment method

Carrier invoice Auditing

Employees can compare between all major parcel carriers and choose the best option

Financial Integration

GL accounts of every department can be added to every shipment to capture shipments by department

Natively Integrated with Oracle ERP Cloud for multi-carrier shipping, address validation, rate shopping all in one screen with Oracle Self Service Shipping

Complete shipping visibility for each department and accurate accounting back to ERP Cloud system


  • Maximize Savings
  • Control Costs
  • Save Time
  • Shipping visibility
  • Quick implementation