Transforming the way Organizations ship to provide their Customers best delivery Experience

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Our Mission

To enable organizations to optimize, simplify and save on all their shipping activity


Working on various Oracle ERP implementations, our founders saw a gap in the ERP software’s capability to integrate with Shipping Carriers. ShipConsole is designed to allow your business applications seamlessly integrate with all freight carriers and allow your shipping users experience a simple and efficient order fulfillment process.

Since 2005, ShipConsole has made it easier for Organizations to ship packages faster and cheaper. Today, ShipConsole is implemented in hundreds of warehouses across 10 Countries with seamless integration to Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle ERP Cloud. ShipConsole is also compatible to integrate with any ERP system.

ShipConsole was originally built as a product by the industry experts at AppsAssociates which is recognized as an industry expert for migrating and managing Oracle-to-the-cloud. To give more autonomy and relevant decision making, ShipConsole is now operating as a separate company with greater focus to help organizations across the globe to automate their shipping operations with additional capabilities on non-production shipping, e-commerce, Freight Auditing and automation of shipping with APIs