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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you validate serial numbers in ShipConsole?
Yes, we can validate serial number by giving additional control for shippers to see if it’s already assigned or if there is a mismatch.
Do you have EDI integration for 3PL’s for Ship Confirmation?
ShipConsole interacts with different carriers through web services this is not EDI. Labels are also coming back from carriers. So, there are all compliant, there is not risk that labels can be out of compliance.
How easy it is to add more locations/carriers?
It’s very simple process to add new carriers/locations. ShipConsole is highly scalable. Our solution grows with your business. You can start small and add more carriers/locations later.
Can you explain more about tracking?
This is equivalent of going to or, but you don’t have to type in tracking numbers, you can just query in ShipConsole by the sales order number and it will show you the tracking numbers from the same screen see if it has been delivered or if it’s in transit etc. it also shows the POD with collected signature.

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