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ShipConsole non-inventory package receiving software helps Organizations to track the receiving packages and deliver them to employee’s cube location. It improves the communication between logistics personnel, employees, and other departments.

Inbound Logistics Solutions for Oracle and Workday

Inbound Shipping Software

Non-Inventory Package Receiving Software Highlights:

  • Non-Inventory receiving software enables logistics personnel to get PO details based on PO number and it integrates with Workday to get the employee related information
  • Software generates the barcode label for the received package
  • Validations and next steps based on type of PO whether it is a 2-Way or 3-Way
  • Users can attach a packing slip, screenshots, required documents and add any additional notes if required
  • Employee receiving the package signs on mobile device confirming the receipt
  • Software can be accessed by remote employee who is working from home, travelling or even a smaller office where the front desk just receives the package
  • Employee receives the package, confirms the quantity received, attaches the pack slip, enter serial number and other related information into this application
Non-Inventory Package Receiving Software

E-mail Notifications and Communication:

• Employees communicated as soon as package is received and documented
• After package is delivered and signed by employee
• When received by remote employee
• Notification to logistics team when remote employee receives in system
• In case of receiving exception, employee is notified

E-mail Notifications and Communication
Non-Inventory Package Receiving Software

Operational Reports:

• Daily Activity Report
• Monthly Activity Report
• Exceptions Report
• Status Reports of Receipts
• Fixed Assets and Serial Number Reports
• Reports to Executive Team

Employee confirmation on PO and Non-PO receipts on Mobile device
Shipping E-mail Notifications
Shipping E-mail Communication