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For the majority of competing shipping solutions, ERP Integration comes as an afterthought. This results in users having limited functional integration with the ERP system. ShipConsole provides advanced integration with your ERP system and functionality such as out-of-box integration with your inventory organizations, business rules engine, Oracle ship confirmation, back ordering, serial and lot control, containerization, and more. ShipConsole also provides very rich shipping functionality with integrations to a large network of parcel and freight carriers, international and Hazmat shipping, track and trace features, and integration with the ACE portal.

ShipConsole has out-of-the-box integration with:

  • Oracle Cloud
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • NetSuite
  • JD Edwards Enterpriseone
  • Oracle WMS
  • Oracle GTM
  • APIs
Enterprise Software Integrations

Oracle Certified and Validated:

Our founders bring a wealth of experience from Oracle, and our implementation team is highly skilled in executing Oracle implementations, from basic setups to advanced integrations for tasks such as back ordering, containerization, freight term mapping, commodity details, ship methods, customer accounts, LPNs, recognition of lot and serial controlled items, hazmat items, printing of oracle document sets and much more.

Dimensional Packaging Engine
Freight Quoting & Rate Shopping

Extensive Network of Parcel/LTL Carriers:

We have a robust network of connections within the parcel and less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers.

Intuitive Analytics for Transportation Spend:

Our platform offers intuitive analytics that provide insights into transportation spend, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your shipping processes effectively.

Shipping Document Repository
Shipping Document Repository

Secured and Compliant:

We prioritize security and compliance. Our certifications, including SOC2, ISO, and GDPR.

Scalable SaaS Architecture:

Our SaaS application is designed for high performance, capable of handling large volumes of shipments, ranging from 200 to millions of packages per day. It offers scalability, requiring minimal maintenance and allowing for global deployment with ease of adding locations and expanding your footprint worldwide.

Shipping Document Repository
Shipping Document Repository

International Customs Documentation:

We provide comprehensive support for international shipments, including streamlined customs documentation processes to ensure smooth cross-border shipping.

Hazmat & Dangerous Goods Support:

Our platform is equipped to handle hazardous materials and dangerous goods shipments, complying with relevant regulations and providing the necessary support and safeguards.

Shipping Document Repository
Shipping Document Repository

Track & Trace and Proof-of-Delivery:

Efficient tracking and tracing capabilities, coupled with proof-of-delivery functionality, offer transparency and accountability throughout the shipping process.

Self-Service/Employee Shipping Across the Organization:

Our platform enables self-service shipping for employees across your organization, empowering them to manage their own shipments efficiently.

Shipping Document Repository
Shipping Document Repository

Returns/Inbound Shipping/Tracking:

We offer seamless support for returns, inbound shipping, and tracking, providing a complete shipping solution for your business needs.

Rate Shopping/Freight Quoting:

Our platform includes rate shopping and freight quoting features, allowing you to compare rates and select the most cost-effective shipping options for your specific requirements.

Shipping Document Repository
Shipping Document Repository

Denied Party Screening:

We incorporate denied party screening capabilities, ensuring compliance with trade regulations and helping you avoid unauthorized transactions.

Rapid Implementation:

We understand the importance of getting started quickly. Our solution offers rapid implementation, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth transition to our platform.

Shipping Document Repository
Shipping Document Repository

Great Customer Support:

We take pride in delivering excellent customer support. Our dedicated team is always available to assist you with any questions, concerns, or issues that may arise.

What our Customers Say


The ease of use has been the greatest benefit to our organization. We have become more efficient in our outbound preparation and execution due to ShipConsole. Their implementation team was readily available and brought effective solutions to the table. They truly are a valued partner.

Bill Stuebner,

Global Director of Supply Chain

The implementation teams from UPS and ShipConsole were knowledgeable, responsive, and professional. They guided us all along the way and went above and beyond at times to help make sure we were successful.

Saugaat Narula,

IT Project Manager
Acco Brands

ShipConsole’s single user interface for integration with FedEx, UPS, Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Transportation Management has helped streamline parcel shipping and improved efficiency in our distribution centers. We have deployed ShipConsole in multiple warehouses across the US, which was easy to do given its multi-org capability.

Manoj Kumar,

Oracle Systems Manager

ShipConsole made it easy for us to integrate Oracle Applications with freight carriers. It has increased the productivity of our shipping department and helped us in getting better visibility of our freight which ended up in significant freight reduction.

Ronen Wolfsberger,


ShipConsole has vastly improved the efficiency of our shipping operation. It has provided us a single point of shipping for a variety of air, ground, and LTL carriers. It’s seamless integration with Oracle E-Business Suite has also made it easier for our shipping team to get our orders out of the door.

Matthew Raymo,

Business Systems Analyst

ShipConsole has helped us serve our employees shipment needs very thoroughly and also made our jobs much more streamlined and organized”

Ansel Muennemann,

Logistics Manager

“Better, faster shipping processes, total shipping automation, ease of use and integration, and system stability and extensibility. We’re confident that ShipConsole was the right choice and will support the business over time as we continue to forge our leadership in the global marketplace.”

Paul Van den brink,

ERP Manager

ShipConsole has dramatically improved productivity by providing a simplified single user interface which integrates with our carriers and streamlines Oracle Shipping Execution. Our shipping departments rely heavily on this important tool which not only speeds up our process but provides better reporting and tracking capabilities than existed prior to ShipConsole.

James Barron,

Sr. Systems Analyst

Quick Implementation

Go-Live within a few days or weeks, not months, with complete shipping integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Time Frame for implementation?
Most of the time depends on the clients that may need for testing. Typically, all can be done in half a day and everything automated. Your DBA team or our DBA team can work on the install and create responsibilities and create AWS objects in Oracle. You can do all of this in couple of days.
Do you print the commercial invoice?
Yes, it passes all of the commodity data to the carriers, larger carriers we support paperless invoicing. You can send the data electronically, so that you don’t have to print commercials but if you want to you can do that.
Do you have ability to generate Bill of lading for LTL carriers?
Yes, so for LTL’s we would build a bill of lading report in oracle, it would be built by using BI publisher and it generates a PDF document rather than maintaining it in our software. So, in future if you want to change it you can go into oracle and change or customize the report.
Can you consolidate multiple Deliveries with ShipConsole?
If you are consolidating some items where multiple deliveries into one shipment. You can just enter multiple delivery numbers in one screen and then you can ship confirm them all one time where you don’t have to ship confirm individually and then it also saves waybill and tracking number it generates against all of the deliveries in oracle it keeps track of all the deliveries that was associated with that delivery.

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