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Why Choose ShipConsole For Netsuite?

ShipConsole for NetSuite offers multi-carrier, multi-org shipping along with International, LTL, Hazmat, and eCommerce capabilities.

Rate quotes for parcels/LTLs from sales order

Rate quotes for parcels

Scalable to multiple warehouse locations

Scalable to multiple warehouse

Analytics for smart decisions

shipping analytics

Unified shipping platform for Parcels and LTLs

Unified shipping platform for Parcels

Hazmat/DG support

Hazmat support

Serial & Lot Control

Serial & Lot Control

International shipping with paperless invoicing

International shipping

Direct Integration with NetSuite ERP & WMS

Direct Integration with NetSuite ERP

Excellent Customer Support

Customer Support

High volume shipping software for NetSuite

ShipConsole’s Netsuite Shipping Software is cloud based, all-in-one shipping software. It is suitable for any business that wants to integrate NetSuite with parcel carrier systems like UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT and USPS, and various LTL carriers. It optimizes your multi-carrier online shipping, label printing, reporting and shipment tracking with instantaneous access to proof-of-delivery documentation. ShipConsole is widely used by NetSuite customers for its advanced capabilities.

ShipConsole increases productivity 10x!

“ShipConsole has vastly improved the efficiency of our shipping operation. It has provided us with a single point of shipping for a variety of air, ground, and LTL carriers.”

Matthew Raymo, Business Systems Analyst, Gaylord

Simplify International Shipping

ShipConsole seamlessly integrates with Netsuite Shipping Software and automatically pulls all the commodity information including harmonized codes which eliminates the need to manually key in all the shipping information into carrier systems.

Generate Customs Documents Directly from ShipConsole with a single click.

  • Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED)
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Certificate of Origin
  • United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)

Go Paperless with ShipConsole

  • Utilize UPS’s Paperless Invoicing or FedEx’s Electronic Trade Document Services to eliminate the need for paper commercial invoices and USMCA Certificate of Origin for shipments between the United States and Canada
ShipConsole’s International shipping software

Shipping Analytics and Reports

ShipConsole provides various reports and dashboards that help businesses manage and optimize global shipping operations with easy access to the right data in the form of pre-built reports. All reports are available for download in CSV, Excel, PDF, and other formats.

Popular reports from ShipConsole:

  • Transportation Spend
  • Shipments per carrier
  • Carrier SLA
  • Freight Audit
  • Manifest Summary
  • Hazmat EOD

Our Representative Customers

ShipConsole Highlights

Out-of-box NetSuite Integration

Seamless integration with NetSuite for one-click shipping

Extensive Carrier Network

Extensive network of Parcel/LTL carriers worldwide

Address Validation

Validate address with residential or commercial classification

Batch/Bulk Shipping

Manage large volumes with batch/bulk shipping functionality

Shipment Consolidation

Consolidate multiple fulfillments from single sales order into a one shipment

Returns Management

Simplify returns for customers with easy to generate return shipping labels

Integration with weight scales

ShipConsole seamlessly integrates with variety of weight scales.

Freight Audit

Ensure every package is billed correctly and delivered by the promised time

Packaging API

Pick the right package for every order to save time and reduce wastage costs

Document Repository

Store all your documents in centralized cloud repository

Multi-Carrier Shipping

One platform to ship Parcels, LTLs, 3PLs, TLs

Freight Quoting & Rate Shopping

Automate freight quoting at order entry and shipping.

Labels and Documents

Generate carrier compliant shipping labels and customs documents

Serial and Lot Control

Fast, easy, and efficient way to validate serial/lot-controlled items

Configurable Business Rules

Tailor the solution to specific needs with configurable business rules

Package Item Mapping

Map items to specific packages for easy tracking

Amazon integration

Amazon integration with Seller Central and Vendor Central

Integration with ACE

ShipConsole seamlessly integrates with ACE portal to get ITN for exports shipments

Integration with NetSuite WMS

Print shipping labels and pack slips in batch with WAVE ID

Reports & Analytics

Gain insights into operations with robust reporting and analytics

Experience the efficiency of ShipConsole’s Shipping Software, seamlessly integrated with NetSuite, automating global shipping operations.


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