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RatesLoader to Oracle Cloud ERP Applications


RatesLoader automates the process of fetching currency exchange rates from your data sources like OANDA and Xignite and loading them into Oracle Cloud ERP Applcations replacing manual processes and eliminating the risk of human error.

RatesLoader improves the process of fetching currency exchange rates from OANDA and loading them into the Daily Rates table in Oracle ERP Cloud by automating the steps of fetching, formatting and loading the daily rates data that your business needs into Oracle Cloud. It is fast, automated and it does not require any additional hardware or Oracle subscription licenses to run. RatesLoader can be setup to run in less than 24 hours. Once setup, it does not require any periodic support or maintenance.


  • Quick and Easy setup.
  • Automates the process of fetching currency exchange rates and loading them into Oracle Cloud ERP
  • Optionally load Period Average Rates
  • Rates fetched are stored in a file and archived for reference
  • Sends email notifications with load status and process ID for reference
  • Option to receive all notifications or failure notifications ony
  • Scheduled to run at a time specified by you
Currency Exchange Rates Loading
loading daily currency exchange rates


  • Eliminates need to manually fetch and load the data
  • No custom programming and maintenance required
  • No upfront investment – no additional hardware or Oracle licenses needed
  • Monitored by our support team
  • Flexibility to add/remove Currency Codes at any time

Frequently Asked Questions

Can RatesLoader import Period Average Rates? Does it calculate the rates?
Yes, RatesLoader can import Period Average Rates into Oracle Cloud ERP Applications. RatesLoader does NOT calculate the average rates; it fetches the data from your data source – OANDA or Xignite.
What are the data sources?
OANDA, Xignite
How often are the daily rates loaded?
Once a day, at a time that is selected by you.
Can I change the requirements after the initial implementation?
Yes – you can edit the list of currency codes, time of day when the load runs, list of emails that get notified every day, whether or not you want to add/remove loading of Period Average Rates. Period Average Rates are loaded on the 1st of every month, for the prior month dates.
Is the subscription to Rates data provider included or do I need my own subscription?
RatesLoader does NOT come with subscription to any rates provider. You will need to work with OANDA or Xignite to get your subscription and provide us with the API Key.
I have offices in Asia and I need the rates for ‘tomorrow’s’ date loaded early. Can RatesLoader handle that requirement?
Yes, RatesLoader offers the option to do a ‘Date Bump’ – take the current day’s rate and load it with next day’s date.
What ERP Systems does RatesLoader integrate with?
Currently, it integrates with Oracle Cloud ERP Applications. Oracle JD Edwards integration is coming soon.
What is the pricing structure?
RatesLoader is a SaaS Application and access to its functionality is by annual subscription. Pricing is determined by the number of currency exchange rates to be loaded every day and the number of instances to be loaded.
How much is the support fee? Are there any other hidden fees after the implementation?
There is no additional support fee. Subscription fee includes annual support/ maintenance fees. Edits to currency codes, execution time, notification email list, are covered under this subscription fee.
Does it require any additional license from Oracle? Is RatesLoader installed in our network?
RatesLoader does NOT require any additional license from Oracle. You just need subscription to RatesLoader and a rate provider. RatesLoader runs on AWS platform. Nothing gets installed in your network and it does not require any maintenance work from your team.
Do you offer FREE TRIAL? Can I try before I buy?
Yes, we can configure RatesLoader for a 14-day risk-free trial basis. During this period, we can use either our API or your own API key provided by your data provider. During this trial period, we can load the rates into your non-production Oracle Cloud ERP instance only.