Electronically file your export information from Oracle using ShipConsole AES Direct Integration

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Organizations exporting goods from the US must electronically file export information through the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) for any international shipments that are valued at $2,500 or more. Generally, companies running Oracle Applications have to manually enter their export information directly on the ACE web site. This is tedious and time consuming. With ShipConsole, customers can seamlessly file Electronic Export Information (EEI). Shippers are ensured of a single interface for Export Compliance and Label Generation with real time integration to ACE system.

There are additional benefits such as:

  • Ensured data integrity since data is pulled directly from Oracle
  • Commodity information can be stored in ShipConsole if a limited number of items are shipped internationally
  • No administrative delays and penalties resulting from data entry errors
Shipping ACE Integration
ACE Integration Features

ShipConsole ACE Integration Features

  • Integration to Oracle EBS
  • ShipConsole direct integration to ACE Portal
  • Internal Transaction Number (ITN) generation
  • Web based integration with ACE

ShipConsole AES Direct Integration Benefits

  • Reduction in errors and penalties
  • Improvement in efficiency due to a single interface
  • Automatically updated Oracle Deliveries with the correct ITN
  • ShipConsole’s AES Direct saves $10 per shipment filing fee for international shipments over $2,500 in value