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Our Address Validation API works in real time to help you ship only to accurate address

ShipConsole’s Address Verification system helps you reduce address correction fees, unexpected carrier charges and improves deliverability. This feature allows you to validate recipient mailing addresses before you ship a package, and it improves the deliverability of your shipments. It ensures that your packages do not suffer unnecessary delays that negatively impact your customers. Furthermore, reducing the number of missed or delayed deliveries will also lower costs. It also classifies whether address is commercial is residential.

Address Validation

Organizations can leverage ShipConsole’s next generation Address Validation solution to increase the efficacy of customer communications

Address Verification

Producing communications that reach customers is challenging in the following ways:

  • Ensuring that addresses are complete, correct, and up to date with all Carrier’s compliance standards (including secondary address elements such as suites and ZIP Codes)
  • Dealing with high customer mobility, location vacancy and opportunity for mis-delivery if addresses are not current
  • High costs and restrictions associated with changing incorrect customer data
  • Limited access to real-time customer data collection points across the enterprise
  • The lack of a repeatable and auditable change process when new data is available
  • Increasing legal exposure for non-compliant processes

The Benefits of Our Address Validation Service:

  • Get automatic Address, city, state, ZIP Code verification and shipper-controlled corrections
  • Avoid residential delivery surcharges by verifying the status prior to shipping
  • Reduce returns due to incorrect addresses
  • Lower shipping charges by picking the right services for the packages to be delivered
  • Easily find the right residential or commercial service
  • Increased reliability improves customer trust and satisfaction
Location Verification of Shipment