A customer that offers high-quality skincare products recently launched ShipConsole to completely automate the multi-carrier shipping process.

They found navigating sites for individual carriers freight rates to be time-consuming and needed a way to integrate their shipping with Oracle. ShipConsole’s freight rating API allows them to find the best carrier rates fast so every outgoing shipment is delivered in the most cost-effective manner. See how ShipConsole multi carrier shipping software transformed shipping to reduce costs and what features have been most helpful to their shipping process.


Consumer Products

What does company specialize in?

Company is a High-quality skincare brand that offers clinical skincare products shipped directly to customers and wholesale companies.

What were the shipping problems that needed to be addressed?

Major challenges that ShipConsole multi carrier shipping software solved for the company are:

  • Earlier shipping software had only partial integration with Oracle
  • With high volume of shipping, using an user interface was inefficient and time consuming and were looking for complete shipping automation through API’s
  • Replacing earlier shipping software with one shipping platform for multiple carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS)
  • Navigating through multiple carrier sites for best service which was time consuming
  • Lack of shipping visibility with current shipping system

How can ShipConsole help?ShipConsole is a multi carrier shipping software with out-of-box integration for Oracle E-Business Suite. Our multi carrier features provide the customer with a user interface and shipping API’s to automate company wide shipping operations.

Smart Carrier Selection

  • Rate shopping API automates the whole rating process and provides with the best way service for every shipment.
  • With ShipConsole rate shopping functionality allows shippers to choose between multiple carriers. This allows shippers to compare Parcel and LTL carriers in real time.


  • ShipConsole Oracle Shipping Software provides high degree of automation with single easy-to-use interface to shippers
  • ShipConsole Shipping API passes the manifest information to carrier and in response returns the Freight costs, waybill number and shipping labels.
  • ShipConsole provides flexibility to ship either a single order or hundreds of orders in a single API call


  • All of the Customer shipping data sits in Oracle database which provides Customer greater flexibility for reporting whether shipped using a user interface or through an API
  • ShipConsole dashboard/reports enabled better decision making with greater visibility into shipments per each carrier/service level and transportation spend per carrier/service level

Quick Implementation

ShipConsole can be implemented within 4-6 weeks which covers:

  • Software set ups
  • API Integration
  • Training
  • User Acceptance Training
  • Move to Production
  • Go-Live

What are the results after launching ShipConsole?

The high-quality skincare brand has seen reduced shipping costs and increased productivity since launching ShipConsole in their live production environment. The single interface with visibility into shipping analytics and carrier rates has allowed them to streamline the shipping process. Configuring products based on business needs without additional customizations needed to shipping software has been the most useful feature for them.

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