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ShipConsole Audit Services

• Get your carrier invoices audited
• Detailed reporting and analytics
• Recover lost dollars
Freight Audit Process

ShipConsole audit helps you drive efficiency and increase sales growth improving overall shipping operations

Why you need Freight Audit?
• Shipping costs can make up to 10 % of a company’s total spend
• According to research, Up to 30 percent of all freight invoices are incorrect
• Between 1 and 7 percent of all FedEx and UPS shipments are delivered late
• Unfortunately, most companies do not have the employees, the time or the expertise to audit these UPS invoices and FedEx invoices internally
• $2 Billion in shipping refunds go unclaimed every year
What we do?
• Identify operational improvements to generate cost savings
• We have the software, personnel, and industry knowledge to thoroughly audit these parcel invoices and get your money back to your company
• Our team ensures every package is billed correctly and delivered by the promised time
• We help you with efficient shipping operations and improved bottom line
How it works?
• We import your carrier invoice into our system and compare the shipping costs at the time of manifest to the invoice charges
• We identify errors, overcharges and late delivered packages
• We let you know which packages should you claim for refunds
• Our dashboards will tell you how much you are using express service and you can analyze whether it can be shipped with less expensive service

How Freight Audit Can Reduce Shipping Costs