In the fast-paced world of logistics, Inbound Package Tracking is a pivotal process that ensures smooth operations and enhances overall efficiency. ShipConsole has developed an innovative inbound package receiving software that simplifies this crucial task. This blog delves into how ShipConsole facilitates Inbound Package Tracking, helping organizations streamline their inbound logistics and improve communication across departments.

Overview of ShipConsole’s Package Receiving Software

ShipConsole’s software is designed to assist organizations in keeping track of incoming packages and efficiently delivering them to the appropriate employee locations. It serves as a bridge, enhancing communication between logistics personnel, employees, and other departments, which is essential for seamless operations.

Integration with Oracle ERP, Oracle HRMS & Workday

One of the standout features of ShipConsole’s Inbound Package Tracking system is its compatibility with Oracle ERP, Oracle HRMS & Workday. This integration allows for the effortless retrieval of Purchase Order (PO), employee, and fixed asset details, directly from Oracle ERP and HR Systems, ensuring that all logistics are handled with precision and without delay.

How ShipConsole Improves Logistics Workflow

  • For All Business Sizes: Whether it’s a large office or a small remote team, ShipConsole provides solutions that cater to all. Remote employees can access the system just as easily as those in the office, ensuring that everyone is included and informed.
  • Documentation and Compliance: The system allows users to attach packing slips, screenshots, and other necessary documents to each package record in the system. This helps in maintaining compliance and providing proof of receipt.
  • Notification System: Employees are notified as soon as their package is logged in the system, once it’s delivered, and also when any discrepancies occur. This keeps everyone in the loop and enhances the overall security of the package delivery process.

Key Benefits of Implementing ShipConsole’s Software

  • Maximized ROI

ShipConsole’s system is designed to optimize resource allocation and reduce costs, providing a significant return on investment.

  • Enhanced Visibility 

Real-time tracking and updates of packages and PO details via a tracking number or PO input ensures that all stakeholders are kept informed of the whereabouts and status of inbound shipments.

  • Enhanced Communication

The system fosters better communication across all levels of the organization, which is key to maintaining operational harmony.

Major Features of ShipConsole’s Inbound Package Tracking

  1. PO Retrieval: Quick and easy access to purchase order information.
  2. Receipt Acknowledgement: Confirmation of package receipt directly through the software.
  3. Automated Email Notifications: Keeps all relevant parties updated automatically.
  4. ERP Receipt Updates: Seamless updates to your ERP system with the latest receipt details.
  5. Asset Tagging: Efficient tagging of assets for easy tracking and management.
  6. Robust Reports & Dashboards: Comprehensive insights into logistics operations.
  7. Digital Employee Signatures: Employees can confirm receipt of packages using digital signatures on mobile devices.


In conclusion, ShipConsole’s Inbound Package Tracking software provides a comprehensive and robust solution that enhances logistics operations with real-time tracking, automated notifications, and ERP integration. By adopting this advanced technology, companies can streamline their inbound logistics, improve communication, and maintain a competitive edge in their industry.