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The retail industry continues to grow as more and more customers buy physical goods on the internet. Due to this growth, finding ways to reduce the cost and environmental impact of outbound shipping in this sector is becoming increasingly important.

The top shipping challenges faced by retailers:

  • Shipping to larger retailers like Walmart, Amazon, eBay…
  • Delivering packages to home addresses with correct address and classification
  • Consolidation of shipments
  • Handling return shipments
  • International shipment documentation
  • Rate shopping, more shipping options
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Freight Auditing
  • Packaging options
Retail and Consumer Products Shipping software

Some of our Retail Customers:

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ShipConsole Oracle Certified Software for Retailers

Multi-Carrier Shipping

Denied Party Screening

Operational Reports

Operational Reports

Freight Quoting

International Shipping


Rate Shop

Rate Shopping

ACE Integration

Inbound Shipping



Shipment Tracking

Customs Documents

Receiving Application

Address Validation

Document Repository

Document Repository

API Automation

API Automation

Always pick the best service with Rate shopping/Freight Quoting

A rate shopping tool eliminates the process of manually navigating through multiple carrier systems in order to decide which carrier provides the best shipping option. It allows shippers to rate shop among different Parcel and LTL carriers all from one screen. In a good shipping software, this tool can be triggered from multiple places such as during order creation, the pick release process, and the actual shipping process. Furthermore, it should be able to manage your complex operations through configurable, inbuilt business rules.

Hazmat Compliance
Hazmat Compliance

Enhance Customer Experience with Track & Trace

Reduce calls made to your Customer Service department by automating shipping operations to proactively inform your customers about the delivery status of every package. This includes packages shipped by both Parcel and LTL Carriers. ShipConsole can generate a report comparing actual delivery dates with projected delivery dates. Exceptions are highlighted so you can easily see which packages failed to get delivered on time.

Automatic Email Notifications: ShipConsole sends email notifications to customers with package tracking numbers so that customers can check shipment statuses themselves. Emails can be personalized and sent in various formats with the option of using preset templates for mobile devices.
  • Ship Notifications
  • Send automatic email or text notifications
  • Delivery Notifications
  • Program Exceptions

Instantaneous Access to Proof-of-Delivery

  • ShipConsole’s Multi Carrier Shipping software provides easy access to the POD within Oracle
  • Customer Service no longer has to call FedEx or UPS sine proof-of-delivery is immediately available
Hazmat Compliance

Integration with eCommerce platforms

Our ecommerce shipping software is compatible with all of the major eCommerce platforms enabling you to easily ship your online orders

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