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Shipping is a one-click process using ShipConsole with Oracle.

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Oracle Integration

Oracle Integration

ShipConsole is a multi-carrier shipping solution that integrates your Oracle Applications into major Parcel and Freight carriers. ShipConsole will automatically read weight from your scale, print carrier-compliant labels, print Oracle Documents & export documents, with Ship Confirm.

Label Printing

Label Printing

  • Labels are Carrier Compliant
  • Customer specific labels
  • Return Labels

Customs Documents

  • Produce Carrier Compliant export documents
  • Paperless Invoicing
  • Automate ACE filing
Customs Documents

Void Shipments

  • Real time carrier integration
  • Cancel shipment

Consolidate Shipments

  • When shipments are consolidated, multiple packages are shipped together on the same airway bill to the same address
  • Consolidate multiple Oracle deliveries into a single shipment in ShipConsole to save costs
  • Reduce the handling costs associated with express services with ShipConsole Consolidation feature
Consolidate Shipping
Address Validation

Validate Address

  • Validate ship to address before every package is shipped
  • Customers can also use this program ahead of shipping process
  • Classify whether the address is residential/commercial

Rate Shop

  • Compare different carriers
  • Select optimal service level
  • Quote customer shipping costs
International Shipping
Denied Party Shipping

Screen Denied Parties

  • Screen Customers, suppliers and trading partners
  • Denied Party Screening Solution you can make sure you aren’t shipping to anyone on the government lists of denied parties
  • Customers can also use this solution ahead of shipping process

Real Time Tracking

  • Track packages based on order number, delivery number or tracking number
  • Instantaneous access to proof of delivery
  • Automatic email notifications
Real Time Tracking
Hazmat Shipping

Hazardous Materials

  • ShipConsole makes Hazmat shipping simple
  • Helps shippers to quickly and accurately process Hazmat shipments
  • Shippers can print Carrier Compliant Labels and related Hazmat documents

Custom Business Rules

  • ShipConsole is very flexible for the Customers to meet unique business requirements
  • Organizations can use ShipConsole custom functions to meet their specific business requirements.
  • Our technical team can work with Customers to understand their needs and build custom solutions with our extreme oracle expertise
Custom Business Rules

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