[Live Webinar] Shipping Automation in Oracle ERP Cloud

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Join the ShipConsole team for this Live Webinar to learn how organizations can lower their shipping costs, save time, and simplify production non-production shipping with ShipConsole for Oracle ERP Cloud.

ShipConsole’s software offers:

  • Centralized shipping management
  • A simple, intuitive shipping workflow for shippers
  • Automated multi-carrier shipping, Packing & Quoting, Rate shopping, Printing carrier compliant shipping labels and shipment tracking updates
  • International shipping, Filing EEI with AESDirect, Support of Hazmat shipments, and compliance documents
  • Out-of-the-box Integration without any additional infrastructure needs for Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Centralized cost center reporting, dashboard analytics
  • Reduced shipping costs, and improved cost accountability
  • Quick and easy implementation