Effective freight cost management is crucial for maintaining profitability and operational efficiency in today’s fast-paced logistics landscape. However, users of standard Oracle Cloud ERP / Fusion Cloud ERP often face a significant challenge: the inability to update freight charges to sales orders automatically. This gap can lead to inaccuracies, manual entry errors, and inefficient billing processes. Fortunately, ShipConsole offers a robust solution that seamlessly integrates with Oracle Cloud ERP to automate freight cost updates, ensuring accuracy and eliminating the need for manual intervention.

The Challenges of the Existing Gap in Oracle Cloud ERP.

  • Companies using Oracle Cloud ERP face several challenges due to the gap in automatically updating freight charges on the Sales Order:
  • Manual Data Entry: Without automation, freight charges must be entered manually, increasing the risk of errors.
  • Inefficiency: Manual processes are time-consuming, leading to inefficiencies and increased labor costs.
  • Billing Inaccuracies: Inaccurate freight charge entries can result in incorrect billing, customer dissatisfaction, and potential revenue loss.
  • Operational Delays: The need for custom development to bridge the gap can delay shipping operations and hinder responsiveness.

Bridging the Gap: Automated Freight Cost Updates with ShipConsole.

ShipConsole automatically updates freight costs in Oracle Cloud ERP at the Shipment level and creates a freight line on the Sales Order based on Customer-defined business rules. Here’s how it works:

  • Real-Time Integration with Carriers: ShipConsole integrates with an extensive network of parcel and freight carriers to fetch both list and negotiated freight costs.
  • Automated Freight Cost Updates: Upon shipment confirmation, ShipConsole automatically sends the freight cost to the corresponding shipment in Oracle Cloud ERP and also creates a freight line on the Sales Order if the cost needs to be invoiced to the Customer. The freight cost can also be modified to add a markup or discount before being added to the Sales Order.
  • Accuracy and Efficiency: This process eliminates manual entry, reducing errors and ensuring that freight charges are accurately reflected in the sales order.

Key Benefits of ShipConsole’s Multi-Carrier, Multi-Modal Shipping Software.

ShipConsole’s comprehensive shipping software offers several additional benefits that streamline global shipping operations:

  • Seamless Oracle Cloud ERP Integration: ShipConsole is deeply integrated with Oracle Cloud ERP, ensuring smooth and efficient data flow between systems.
  • Validated and Certified by Oracle: ShipConsole is validated and certified by Oracle, providing users with confidence in its reliability and performance.
  • Rate Shopping and Freight Quoting: ShipConsole enables businesses to compare rates across multiple carriers, ensuring they get the best shipping rates. This feature helps in making cost-effective shipping decisions.
  • Extensive Carrier Network: ShipConsole connects with a wide network of parcel and freight carriers, providing flexibility and reliability in shipping options. This extensive network ensures that businesses can meet their diverse shipping needs.
  • Global Shipping Management: ShipConsole supports multi-carrier and multi-modal shipping, making it a versatile solution for managing complex global shipping operations.
  • Enhanced Billing Accuracy: By automatically adding a freight line to the sales order, ShipConsole simplifies billing and ensures customers are accurately charged for shipping costs.
  • International Shipping: ShipConsole supports international shipping, managing customs documentation, and compliance requirements seamlessly. This simplifies global trade and expands market reach.
  • Paperless Invoicing: The software offers paperless invoicing capabilities, reducing paperwork, and streamlining the billing process. This not only saves time but also supports sustainability initiatives.
  • Analytics and Reporting: ShipConsole provides powerful analytics and reporting tools that offer insights into shipping performance, costs, and trends. This data-driven approach helps businesses optimize their logistics strategies and improve efficiency.


ShipConsole’s innovative approach to freight cost management in Oracle Cloud ERP provides a comprehensive solution to a significant gap in standard Oracle functionality. By automating the freight cost update process, integrating with multiple carriers, and ensuring accurate billing, ShipConsole enhances operational efficiency and accuracy. For businesses using Oracle Cloud ERP, ShipConsole is an indispensable tool that simplifies shipping operations and drives better financial outcomes.