Most organizations do not realize the importance of non-production shipping which is the largest source of shipping spend. ShipConsole is designed for corporate office environments and uses a browser based shipping solution with out-of-box integration with Oracle Cloud. Employees across the enterprise can leverage ShipConsole departmental shipping software to reduce shipping costs and improve visibility. Using ShipConsole Customers can map the right income and expense accounts.

With ShipConsole you can:

  • Eliminate address correction charges
    Eliminate address correction charges by verifying ship to address before a package is shipped. You can also classify whether it’s a commercial or residential address
  • Optimize service for every shipment
    Always choose the optimal shipping service. Employees can compare between all major parcel carriers and choose the best option
  • Import address book
    You can create address books and import list of addresses into ShipConsole to speed up shipping process
  • Ensure accurate cost accounting
    GL accounts of every department can be added to every shipment to capture shipments by department

Natively Integrated with Oracle ERP Cloud

ShipConcole includes out-of-box integration with Oracle Cloud ERP so it fits seamlessly into Oracle applications. Our shipping software dashboard allows you to access a variety of important information to simplify managing shipping operations. Multi-carrier shipping, address validation, rate shopping, and more is all available on one screen so you can find the best shipping option fast.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Out-of-box integrated with Oracle ERP Cloud with single sign on
  • Very flexible for Oracle ERP Cloud users. User running any module of Oracle ERP cloud can use for their shipping needs
  • Simple and easy to use screen for self-service users to do desktop shipping and ability to print shipping labels directly from the system
  • Detailed visibility of the accounting and cost center to which the shipping costs have to be updated back
  • Auto populated data in the application from Oracle specific to the user who logs into the system which makes it easier to proceed with shipping
  • Address Book facility to save the destination address for which the shipment is made
  • Ability to perform shipping on behalf of other employees and from different locations with the employee and locations data auto populated
  • Analytics reports provide a bird’s eye view of the total shipments made and the costs incurred at department level or cost center level

Complete Shipping Visibility with Shipping Analytics

ShipConsole offers shipping analytics to monitor shipping spend for each department in your organization. This allows for an in-depth look at where shipping costs are coming from so you can optimize shipping process and reduce costs.

shipping analytics dashboard

Benefits of Shipping Analytics:

  • Maximize Savings
  • Control Costs
  • Save Time
  • Ready to use for Oracle ERP Cloud
  • Shipping visibility