Are you using Oracle ERP? Are you exporting items whose value is at $2500 or more?

The US Census requires all US exports to be reported through the Automated Export System or AES, if exporting merchandise valued at $2,500 or more. There are multiple ways for AES submission to be done by exporters, but many are inefficient and can lead to higher shipping costs.

The most common method exporters use is to log into the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and manually enter their electronic export information (EEI) to file through AESDirect themselves. This requires entering all the information manually which can be very time consuming and data is available in Oracle ERP system. The same process will be repeated again and again, transaction after transaction.

Another way to complete AES submission process done is to outsource the manual labor. In this scenario, the exporter normally sends a document which gives information about required data items to file AES on the exporter’s behalf. This type of arrangement can be a good way to complete ACE filing requirements for shipping operations but you are ultimately making a third-party responsible for the accuracy and timely filing of export declarations.

A third option is to ask your shipping Carrier to file EEI on behalf of you.

The problem with these approaches is that they can be time consuming and lead to costly errors. Using a third-party or asking your Carrier to help also puts you in a situation where your not in complete control of export process.

Automate Your Shipping Process

The issues with manual AES submissions and third-party filing services can be solved with automated shipping software. ShipConsole for Oracle ERP can automate your shipping operations with built in features like Carrier support, Freight Forwarder support, LTL support, FTL support, Address Validation support, Freight Shopping support, Shipping Analytics and, most importantly, AESDirect Support.

After you’ve created an account on the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), ShipConsole shipping software is integrated with AESDirect through AESWebLink. The AESDirect System feature in ShipConsole allows for AES filing along with submitting the manifest information to Carrier.

The first step for you as the exporter is to use Delivery to ask ShipConsole to get the associated shipping items from your Oracle -– ERP. ShipConsole will retrieve the EEI information from Oracle system and run the business rules that are enabled against the data.

The next step is to validate the data and click confirm button. This will send all you EEI to AESDirect system and opens AESDirect page within the same window, no manual data entry is required. Just submit the file and click the button ‘Back to Trade Web Site’.

Once the third step is finished you’ve finished to AES submission process. That’s it. ShipConsole will populate the ITN confirmation number for your EEI in Oracle System and populate it on the screen.

All you need to do here is just click the Ship button and you’ve completed the shipping process for shipments that require AES submission with cloud shipping software.

If a delivery is associated with multiple types of items then ShipConsole will also guide you which Items are required for you to file AES with a proper color.

Do you still have questions about automating warehouse operations with shipping software? Please ask for a demo! We are eager to help your business see how our application fits your requirements.

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