In the fast-paced world of shipping and logistics, efficiency is the name of the game. If you are relying solely on Native NetSuite Shipping integration, you might be facing some challenges that hinder your shipping operations. In this blog post, we’ll explore these challenges, dive into the limitations, and shed light on why embracing a third-party shipping software like ShipConsole could be the game-changer you have been waiting for.

Major Native NetSuite Shipping Challenges:

Integration Complexity: Configuring NetSuite with carriers like FedEx or UPS can be intricate, demanding expertise in both IT and shipping.

Functionality and Customization: Limited shipping features and adapting to unique needs may lead to additional costs.

Maintenance Challenges: Keeping pace with NetSuite updates can impact functionality post-upgrades.

Limited Carrier Options: Typically, support is available only for a few carriers, so exploring third-party options may be necessary and costly.

International and Specialized Shipments: A lack of the necessary features to handle International and Hazmat shipments.

Bulk Processing Efficiency: A lack of efficient bulk shipment processing may impact the overall shipping workflow.

Reporting Limitations: A lack of comprehensive reporting hinders data-driven decision-making.

Now that we’ve highlighted the challenges and limitations, let’s explore how ShipConsole can be the guiding force for shippers.

Enhanced Functionality, Unmatched Optimization:

Say goodbye to shipping limitations! ShipConsole, your pre-built integrated shipping solution for NetSuite, streamlines the entire shipping workflow through a single platform catering to all your shipping requirements. Its user-friendly interface, built on cutting-edge technologies, offers a seamless experience. Explore a realm of advanced features including multi-carrier shipping, freight quoting, rate shopping, address validation, bulk/batch label printing, packaging API, shipping document repository, and automated shipping rules, surpassing the capabilities of native integration.

Seamless Scalability, Faster Performance:

ShipConsole is designed for efficiency, especially during peak shipping periods. With improved scalability and faster processing times, it effortlessly handles high shipment volumes, ensuring your business operates at its best.

Tailored to Your Needs, No Development Needed:

Customization is the key, and ShipConsole provides flexibility. Tailor your shipping workflows to match your business needs—unique processes, branding requirements, and seamless integrations with other systems—all with the ease of ShipConsole.

Carriers Beyond Boundaries:

Ditch the carrier constraints! ShipConsole widens your carrier options beyond FedEx and UPS. Explore integrations with a large network of carriers, including domestic, international, LTLs, and 3PL providers, giving you the freedom to choose based on cost, speed, and service level based on your negotiated contracts with carriers.

Freight Quoting, LTL Shipping, and Beyond:

Experience the ease of freight quoting directly from your NetSuite sales order with ShipConsole. Unleash the power of Freight/LTL shipping capabilities, ensuring your shipping process is as versatile as your business demands.

Hazmat Dangerous Goods Support:

Safety is paramount! ShipConsole provides robust support for Hazmat Dangerous Goods shipments, ensuring compliance and efficient handling of associated documentation.

Centralized Shipping Document Repository:

Stay organized effortlessly! ShipConsole offers a centralized repository for all your shipping documents, providing easy access and peace of mind.

One Platform for Domestic and International Shipping:

Say goodbye to complexity! ShipConsole’s unified platform seamlessly manages both domestic and international shipments, simplifying your shipping processes and reducing operational headaches.

Tracking, POD, and Email Notifications:

Keep your customers in the loop effortlessly with ShipConsole’s tracking capabilities, access to Proof-of-Delivery (POD) documents, and a robust email notification system.

Smarter Analytics, Strategic Insights:

ShipConsole empowers you with robust reporting and analytics capabilities. Dive into key data—shipping costs, carrier performance, and delivery metrics—to identify cost-saving opportunities and optimize your shipping strategies.

WMS Integration, Streamlined Operations:

For seamless integration between warehouse operations and shipping processes, ShipConsole integrates effortlessly with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). Boost order fulfillment efficiency and accuracy with ShipConsole’s batch/bulk shipping.

Support, Flexibility, and Growth:

ShipConsole provides dedicated support, flexibility, and scalability to support your company’s growth trajectory.


In the ever-evolving world of shipping and logistics, relying on Native NetSuite integration alone might leave you grappling with challenges. Embrace the power of ShipConsole to not only overcome these challenges but also to unlock new possibilities, streamline your operations, and propel your shipping strategy to new heights. It’s time to sail smoothly through the seas of shipping with ShipConsole by your side!