The Holiday season is not only the most wonderful time of the year but also the busiest, especially in the shipping business. As the festive spirit takes over from November to December, businesses face unique shipping challenges that can impact customer satisfaction and the overall success of the season. These include:

  • Surge in Order Volume

The holiday season witnesses a significant spike in online orders, leading to an overwhelming increase in shipping demands.

  • Tight Delivery Timelines: 

Customers expect timely deliveries, and during the holidays, the pressure to meet deadlines intensifies.

  • Lack of integration between Order Management and Shipping Software:

A lack of integration between a company’s ERP Software with multi-carrier Shipping software can lead to inefficiencies and delays in shipping.

  • Weather Disruptions: 

Winter weather conditions can disrupt shipping schedules causing delays, logistical challenges, and affect transportation networks.

  • Lack of Real-Time Visibility for tracking shipments:

. Without the ability to track shipments, send shipment notifications and access proof of delivery (POD) documentation, businesses may experience challenges in answering customer service calls.

  • Inventory Management Challenges:

Staff and transportation resources may be exhausted, affecting the overall efficiency of the shipping process. A lack of staff support and fluctuations in stock could cause a strain on Inventory Management.

Strategies to Overcome the Shipping Challenges of the Holiday Season:

  • Optimized Fulfillment Strategies: 

Plan by optimizing fulfillment strategies, including inventory management and staffing, to handle increased order volumes. 

  • Deploy ERP-integrated Multi-Carrier Shipping Software: 

Shipping software that is seamlessly integrated with an ERP System like Oracle empowers shipping users to efficiently manage their shipments through multiple carriers, using a single portal for all their shipping needs.

  • Real-time tracking of Shipments:

Automating advance shipment notifications and easy access to package tracking and proof-of-delivery information reduces the strain of answering customer support calls.

  • Real-time rate comparison:

Implementing a multi-carrier shipping software that includes real-time rate comparison between carriers from one screen, reduces shipment costs and.

  • Weather-Resistant Packaging: 

Address Environmental Concerns and mitigate the impact of weather disruptions by investing in weather-resistant packaging for added protection.       

  • Clear Communication: 

Set realistic delivery expectations with customers and communicate any potential delays. Advanced shipping software can send notifications to customers automatically if a package is going to be delayed.

The Role of Multi-Carrier Shipping Software during the Holiday Season

Most companies opt-in for logistics software with advanced features such as rate shopping, ERP integration, multi-carrier shipping, real time tracking, and reporting & analytics to reduce manual effort during the busy holiday season. This is a strategic investment not just for addressing the challenges of this holiday season, but also for the future.

ShipConsole – The Oracle ERP Integrated Advantage

ShipConsole stands out as a transformative force in the realm of multi-carrier shipping due to its robust integration with Oracle ERP Systems (Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Cloud ERP, NetSuite and JD Edwards).

ShipConsole plays a pivotal role in optimizing the shipping process with:

  1. Out-of-the-box integration with Oracle ERP
  2. Parcel and LTL shipping from one unified portal
  3. Rate Shopping & Freight Quoting
  4. International Shipping with AES Integration
  5. Track and Trace
  6. Hazmat Shipping
  7. Auto/Manual Packaging
  8. Shipping Document Repository
  9. E-Sign Bill of Lading with Mobile App
  10. Reports/Analytics
  11. API Automation


Navigating holiday shipping challenges requires strategic planning, flexibility, and the adoption of automated shipping solutions. By addressing these challenges head-on, businesses can ensure a smooth and joyful holiday season for themselves and their customers.