Shippers face many challenges in today’s rapidly changing supply chain landscape. Today’s landscape is increasingly complex, with many different options for shippers to choose from. To make problems worse, many organizations are still using multiple systems for shipping. This is highly inefficient. On the contrary, having a single unified system for your shipping needs helps save time and money. Here are the six biggest challenges that shippers face in the shipping industry.

Having too many Manual Processes

Many companies have a warehouse with multiple shipping workstations and no integration with an ERP system. This outdated setup results in each shipper having to manually enter data into a carrier’s shipping systems. Having to switch between multiple systems to print shipping labels, documents, and carry out other tasks is inefficient and places a lot of burden on shippers. With Multi-Carrier Shipping Software, shippers can use a single screen to process all of their domestic and international shipments. The same screen also provides them with the ability to carry out other standard shipping functions and review analytics. Managing shipping from a single interface doubles shipper productivity.

Not Having Access to the Right Shipping Options

Packages can be shipped from point A to point B in a number of different ways. Many shippers are simply unaware of the many different shipping options that are available to them. From small packages to full truckloads, shippers need to have access to multiple options and be able to choose the most efficient one. A multi-carrier shipping software lets you see all the different possible shipping options for any given shipment. You can browse the options to choose the best carrier, speed, etc. or the software can automatically choose the best option for you.

Getting the Best Price

Finding the best shipping rates and transit times can be very time consuming as it requires shippers having to navigate through multiple sites in order to compare shipping options. Sometimes, shippers may select an expensive express service instead of a cheaper ground service even though shipping via the ground service would be enough to meet their customer requirements. This happens when the right tools aren’t in place for rate shopping. Using a Multi-Carrier shipping software will help ensure that you are getting the best rates on every shipment.

Having Issues with Packaging Dimensions

The changes to dimensional weight shipping that were implemented in 2015 has made packaging correctly more important than ever before. Shippers must be more conscious about the size of their packages. Organizations are increasingly making use of technology to automate the packaging selection process.

Adhering to Constantly Changing Regulations

It’s difficult for shippers to keep up with constantly changing regulations. In many instances, one misstep can result in surcharges, delivery delays or customs holds for international shipments. Incorrect shipping labels and inaccurate documentation impacts on-time deliveries, which in turn increases shipping costs and reduces customer satisfaction. Having the right multi-carrier shipping software will ensure that shippers are made aware of the latest regulations and do not incur penalties.

Having Reliable and Accessible Shipment Tracking

Shippers often struggle to track shipments due to the fact that they need to visit multiple carrier portals in order to do so. Multi-Carrier Shipping Software empowers shippers by giving them the tools to track shipments in real time all from one screen. This eliminates the time-consuming process of logging in to multiple carrier portals to gain visibility on shipments.

Optimize Shipping with Multi-Carrier Software

Shippers face many challenges that impact the cost, complexity and overall customer experience of their shipping process. Having the right software for shipping needs helps organizations overcome these challenges with ease. Many organizations are implementing Multi-Carrier shipping solutions like ShipConsole to automate their entire shipping process. This results in lower costs and increased efficiency.

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