The absence of a robust & automated Rate Shopping Tool poses several challenges, including time-consuming processes, the risk of selecting expensive services, limited-service comparison, data entry errors, and inconsistent processes. Navigating these challenges calls for a solution that not only streamlines operations but also enhances efficiency and accuracy.

Major Challenges without Rate Shopping Tool:

Not implementing Oracle ERP Integrated Rate Shopping Software would result in higher shipping costs and inefficiency in meeting customer expectations. Some of the key challenges include:

  1. Time-Consuming Process:

Traditional rate shopping methods involve manual comparison of rates from different carriers, which is time-consuming and prone to errors. The manual effort becomes increasingly challenging as the volume of orders grows.

  1. User Selection of Expensive Services:

Users may choose expensive shipping options without rate shopping due to factors like lack of awareness about alternative services, preference for familiar carriers, limited resources, and limited technology adoption, contributing to increased shipping expenses.

  1. Limited-Service Comparison:

The absence of a centralized tool restricts the users ability to compare and choose from a wide range of shipping services, limiting cost-saving opportunities.

  1. Inconsistent Processes:

Lack of a standardized process results in inconsistency, making it challenging to establish a reliable and efficient shipping workflow. Inconsistencies in data can lead to inaccurate rate comparisons and sub-optimal decision making

  1. ERP Integration:

The lack of integration between oracle ERP systems and carriers such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and LTL carriers present a big challenge to identify optimal shipping service during both order entry for quoting customers and throughout the actual shipping process.

Benefits of an Integrated Rate Shopping Tool:

  1. Centralized Platform:

ShipConsole, a multi-carrier shipping software, simplifies the rate shopping process  by consolidating shipping options though its rate shopping feature, providing a unified interface for comparing rates and transit times from both parcel and LTL carriers, facilitating efficient decision-making.

  1. Real-Time Rate Visibility:

Rate Shopping provides Instant access to real-time rates from integrated carriers, using customer carrier account numbers. This allows users to choose the optimal shipping service for every shipment.

  1. Automated Carrier Selection:

Automated carrier selection in rate shopping streamlines the process, ensuring optimal choices based on predefined criteria. For instance, the system may automatically select the best way to ship based on specified criteria, enhancing the decision-making process.

  1. Business Rules Configuration:

ShipConsole offers the ability to configure business rules, providing flexibility to accommodate complex shipping criteria based on geography, transit times, shipment weights, and more ensuring a comprehensive approach to meeting your specific shipping requirements.

  1. Error Reduction:

Automated rate shopping minimizes manual intervention, reducing the data entry errors and ensuring accuracy in shipping processes.

  1. Streamlined Freight and Parcel Services:

Rate shopping Integration with both freight and parcel carriers streamlines the entire shipping process, offering versatility in service options.

  1. Time and Cost Savings:

Oracle Integrated Rate Shopping not only enhances overall operational productivity but also leads to significant time and cost savings.

  1. Enhanced Visibility and Reporting:

A comprehensive Rate Shopping Tool enables businesses to generate detailed reports, offering insights into shipping costs. Example: Visibility into shipping costs before and after the integration of a rate shopping tool. Businesses gain valuable insights into the tangible cost savings achieved.

ShipConsole: Simplifying Logistics with Smart Rate Shopping, Real-Time Savings, and Precision:

Out-of-the-Box Integration with Oracle ERP and Parcel/Freight Carriers:

ShipConsole seamlessly integrates with all Oracle ERPs, including Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Cloud ERP, NetSuite, and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and a diverse range of parcel and freight carriers. Organizations running Oracle ERP can leverage ShipConsole’s Rate Shopping functionality for shipping quotes during order entry or actual shipping process. Additionally, ShipConsole provides APIs that allow rate shopping APIs to be seamlessly called during the checkout process.

Rate Shopping at Quoting Level:

Flexibility of rate shopping during the quoting stage, allowing for accurate cost estimations and informed decision-making with real-time comparisons.

Rate Shopping at Actual Shipping Process:

Extend the benefits of rate shopping to the actual shipping process, ensuring that real-time rates based on actual weights are considered during shipment creation and easy access to different carriers/services.


In conclusion, ShipConsole provides a multi-carrier shipping solution that automates the entire shipping process, meeting both your current requirements and future demands, offering a smart Rate Shopping Tool that addresses major challenges and unlocks plenty of benefits, with seamless oracle and carrier integration, real-time savings, and precision in decision-making. ShipConsole makes shipping easier and more accurate with pre-built integration with Parcel and Freight carriers through our advanced rate shopping tool.