When implementing or upgrading a Shipping Software is just one of the many projects on your SaaS roadmap, we understand the temptation to postpone. Having seen both sides of the coin here at ShipConsole, all evidence suggests that integrating Shipping Software with your ERP shouldn’t be a project you push back quarter after quarter.

Why you shouldn’t delay implementing Shipping Software

Implementing a shipping software is shown to help businesses improve efficiency, reduce costs, and add value to its customers, effective immediately.

Before we go into more details on why you shouldn’t delay the implementation of shipping software, let’s first look at it from the opposing perspective.

Why do companies delay shipping software implementation?

There are plenty of reasons why:

  • Their IT team is busy with other projects.
  • It’s not a core focus, and there are other bottlenecks on the roadmap that need to be addressed.
  • They are not really sure if it’s a priority
  • The ROI isn’t clear, so they want to wait
  • The team doesn’t have the necessary expertise or a project champion who can pull off the implementation
  • The business requirements aren’t clearly set

The longer a business delays shipping software implementation, the longer they experience challenges such as:

  • No integration with ERP systems
  • Manual processes with multiple shipping systems
  • Choosing expensive shipping options
  • No visibility into shipping data
  • Challenges with the tracking of shipments
  • Incorrect addresses
  • Compliance issues for international shipments
  • Increased shipping costs

Go-Live in within a few days or weeks, not months, with Oracle-Integrated Cloud Shipping Software.

Migrating to a new shipping software can be very complex and time consuming. However, at ShipConsole we consistently follow the steps below to help you successfully on-board your Oracle shipping software integrations and enhancements.

We designed ShipConsole to help you go live within 4-8 weeks. Our customers easily balance it alongside existing priorities. Typically, it requires minimum effort from your IT team to get ShipConsole up and running quickly. All with the dedicated support of a ShipConsole team to guide you through the implementation phase.

Why you shouldn’t delay implementing Shipping Software

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