In supply chain logistics, adaptability is crucial. As carriers like UPS move towards UPS Paperless® for commercial invoices, businesses must keep pace. While this transition may pose initial challenges, it also offers an opportunity to adopt efficient, streamlined solutions.

UPS Announcement: Transitioning from UPS Paper to Paperless.

UPS customers need to switch to UPS Paperless® for commercial invoices to avoid being charged for using paper invoices.

What is the timing?

The surcharge is now planned to be implemented starting April 2024.

How much is the surcharge and when will it start?

Beginning in April 2024, there will be a USD 1.00 surcharge for using paper documents. This fee will increase to USD 3.00 at the beginning of July 2024 and to USD 5.00 at the beginning of October 2024.

Want to avoid the surcharge? Go paperless!

UPS Paperless® for commercial invoices digitally transmits your data to UPS and customs offices around the globe. And you get great benefits:

  • Save time with faster customs clearance and shipment processing
  • Eliminate lost or damaged documents in transit
  • Streamline shipping preparation and lower labor costs
  • Minimize redundant data entry and reduce the chance of error
  • Sustain resources by decreasing the use of paper and ink
  • Keep customs values confidential when shipping directly to customers

ShipConsole Supports Multi-Carrier International Shipping: Ensure UPS Paperless® Commercial Invoice Compliance with Integration.

  • Introducing ShipConsole – a comprehensive multi-carrier shipping software simplifying international logistics for businesses of all sizes. With the recent UPS update, discover how ShipConsole can revolutionize your shipping operations and improve your bottom line.
  • Seamless International Shipping: ShipConsole simplifies global logistics. With out-of-box integration with Oracle ERPs E-Business Suite, ERP Cloud, JD Edwards, and NetSuite, all commodity information is automatically pulled into ShipConsole from ERP. Say goodbye to customs forms and manual paperwork – ShipConsole automates the process, saving you time and resources.
  • Go Paperless with ShipConsole: As UPS switches to paperless invoicing, ShipConsole makes it simple. Create electronic invoices for multiple carriers effortlessly. Save time, money, and the environment by going paperless with ShipConsole’s multi-carrier shipping software.
  • Out-of-Box Integration: ShipConsole is Oracle-certified pre-built shipping software that comes with pre-configured connectors, ensuring seamless integration with Oracle ERPs. This eliminates the need for extensive customizations and accelerates the deployment timeline. Businesses can go live within 4-8 weeks.
  • One Platform for Domestic and International Shipping: Say goodbye to complexity! ShipConsole’s unified platform seamlessly manages both domestic and international shipments, simplifying your shipping processes and reducing operational headaches.
  • Address Validation: Ensure accurate address information with ShipConsole’s automatic validation feature. Minimize shipping errors and delays by verifying addresses against carrier databases before shipment.
  • Hazmat Dangerous Goods Support: ShipConsole provides robust support for Hazmat Dangerous Goods shipments, ensuring compliance and efficient handling of associated documentation.
  • Centralized Shipping Document Repository: Stay organized effortlessly! ShipConsole offers a centralized repository for all your shipping documents, providing easy access and peace of mind.
  • Tracking, POD, and Email Notifications: Keep your customers in the loop effortlessly with ShipConsole’s tracking capabilities, access to Proof-of-Delivery (POD) documents, and a robust email notification system.
  • Rate Shopping/Freight Quoting: Secure the best shipping rates effortlessly with ShipConsole’s rate shopping and quoting. Compare rates from multiple carriers instantly, optimizing your shipping spend for maximum profitability.
  • Shipping Reports and Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your shipping operations with ShipConsole’s comprehensive reports and analytics. Track key metrics such as shipping volumes and costs to make data-driven decisions and enhance efficiency.
  • Support, Flexibility, and Growth: ShipConsole provides dedicated support, flexibility, and scalability to support your company’s growth trajectory.

In conclusion, the move towards paperless invoicing underscores the need for streamlined shipping solutions. With ShipConsole, businesses can navigate international shipping effortlessly while benefiting from features like paperless invoicing, rate shopping, ERP integration, and analytics. Embrace the future of shipping logistics with ShipConsole and revolutionize your operations today.